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Large Cap Equity Strategy

The investment objective of the US Large Equity StrategyTM (LCES) is to deliver above market returns with less risk during both up and down markets.

The investment philosophy of the Large Cap Equity Strategy is predicated on the belief that there are four types of market environments, two types of bull markets and two types of bear markets each characterized by momentum and valuation factors. Market environments affect portfolio structure so it is critical to identify and prepare for changing market environments.

The Large Cap Equity Strategy adds value by purchasing a set of fundamentally solid growth companies along with a set of companies that deliver strong cash flow and adjusting the balance between these two groups depending on where we are in the market cycle. We define ourselves as conservative growth managers who also focus on preserving capital during down markets.

This philosophy was developed more than a century ago and was brought to the firm by a founding partner. It has proven to be successful at navigating a variety of market environments over a long period of time.



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