For clients with specific guidelines, we incorporate a social responsibility overlay to our investment strategy.

SRI/ESG Model Portfolios

For more than a decade, Stralem has designed and managed SRI/ESG US Large Cap Equity portfolios, including faith-based, fossil fuel-aware and mission-aligned categories.

We take the same approach to SRI/ESG portfolios as we do to all portfolio construction, based on the understanding that when it comes to building sustainable wealth, the impact of preserving capital in falling markets far outstrips the importance of outperforming the market in rising ones. Whether a Stralem SRI/ESG US Large Cap model portfolio or a customized one, we apply the identical discipline, due diligence and participation with protection strategy to stock selection, overlaying specific SRI/ESG guidelines.

We work with our clients to understand their interests and requirements, then implement the parameters and restrictions for investment selection. We use multiple data sources, including MSCI-ESG, to evaluate investments. We also align proxy voting with client SRI/ESG policies.


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